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DFITL is in short adsl over FITL (fiber in to loop/fiber to the curb). The way it works is it sends the dsl signal over fiber to the ONU thur the DISCS system and connects to the ATM in the CO. The card in the ONU acts like the DSLAM since the signal runs over copper from the ONU to the house.
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IFITL is an implementation of FTTC by Marconi Communications which delivers integrated voice, Digital TV, and high-speed data (PCDATA).
PCDATA which is simply 10Mbps Ethernet delivered to your doorstep. You can't buy "PCDATA" itself because there are no tarrifs for that class of service. Instead Bellsouth sells a throttled version (1.5Mbps down/ 256Kbps up) of PCDATA as "Fast Access". Some call this "DSL over Fiber", but this is a misnomer as there is no DSL signalling involved at all...it's Ethernet, period.

FITL = IFITL without the video and data services (e.g. no PCDATA).
If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of being located in a sub-division serviced by FITL, you are ironically, at a major disadvantage. Remember, DSL requires copper cabling, a DSL modem in your home AND a DSL modem on the other end of the copper (a DSLAM). Since FITL pushes fiber to the curb, the only copper that exists is between your home and the pedestal....and their ain't no DSLAMS in the pedestals.

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